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    Our focus is Neuromuscular Training which involves the use of suspension training equipment like TRX and resistance bands to assess and address neuromuscular imbalances and dysfunctions in the body. The approach entails performing exercises in a controlled and unstable environment created by the TRX system and resistance bands. This type of training challenges the neuromuscular system by aiming to activate and stabilize muscles in a coordinated manner, ultimately enhancing function, reducing pain, and improving movement patterns.

    Neuromuscular Training, when combined with TRX and resistance bands, is frequently employed in rehabilitation and training scenarios to target specific muscles and movement patterns. This approach can be especially effective for individuals dealing with musculoskeletal issues, chronic pain, or those seeking to enhance their athletic performance.

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    Meditation Mastery Workshop: Journey into Mindfulness

     Embark on a transformative 2-hour Meditation Mastery Workshop guided by the expertise of Mariana Danilovic. This immersive session delves deep into the art of meditation, introducing you to a holistic array of techniques that foster inner peace and clarity.

    Throughout the workshop, Mariana will gently guide you through meditation techniques including visualization, mantra, spiritual practices, mindfulness, and intentional breathing. Learn to harness the power of visualization, creating mental landscapes that calm the mind and uplift the spirit. Discover the resonance of mantra meditation, tapping into the healing vibrations of sacred sounds. Immerse yourself in spiritual meditation, connecting with your inner self and exploring profound realms of consciousness. Dive into mindfulness meditation, practicing full presence in each moment, cultivating awareness and tranquility. The inclusion of intentional breathing techniques further enhances your meditation practice, fostering a deeper connection between mind and body.

    Mariana will also introduce saddle body integration, a practice that harmonizes your physical and mental states. Through her expert guidance, you'll learn to align your posture, enhancing the meditative experience. Perfect for both beginners and experienced practitioners, this workshop equips you with an enriched toolkit of meditation techniques and integrative practices, empowering you to seamlessly infuse mindfulness and stillness into your daily life. Join Mariana Danilovic on this enlightening journey into meditation and unlock the keys to inner peace, self-discovery, and profound relaxation.

  • Here are some virtual and outdoor classes and workshops.

    Neuromuscular Sculpt

    Outdoor Classes and PT

    TRX + Bands 

    Sculpt is a neuromuscular workout with TRX, weights and bands for the ultimate fitness experience. This intense, but easy to follow class is a total body workout combining yoga, Pilates and gym floor inspired moves to fully engage each muscle group and lengthen your body. This is strength training that will have your muscles burning, your booty lifted and balance challenged!

    Yoga Fusion Cardio

    Outdoor Classes and PT


    This dynamic class is the perfect combination of yoga and strength training. The workout is set to upbeat music and includes free weights, short bursts of cardio and strength building yoga poses. In just one hour we will push you past your boundaries as you build toned muscles and boost your metabolism. Yoga Cardio Sculpt will prepare your body for advance yoga postures.

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    Gentle Yoga & Meditation


    Yoga Meditation starts with a series of gentle yoga postures. The poses are performed to help detox your body, improve flexibility and balance. This class is great for students new to Yoga, healing a specific body part, or returning after COVID19 induced fitness break. Meditation focuses on a different format in each class. Enjoy the meditative state of mind as you move through the sequence. We recommend doing this class twice a week to deepen your yoga practice.


    Outdoor Classes and PT

    Yoga Flow
    Yoga Flow is an advanced flow sequence performed with upbeat music. It warms up the body with Sun Salutations, builds strength and balance through standing poses, focuses on core engagement, and connects each movement to breath. Our flow is just as focused on transitions between the poses as on the proper alignment in each pose. All sequences are different and warm up the body for a specific peak pose.

      From Mayo Clinic

      Practice On Your Own

      Practice Meditation Everyday
      • Breathe deeply

      • Scan your body

      • Repeat a mantra
      • Walk and meditate

      • Engage in prayer

      • Read and reflect

      • Focus your love and gratitude on a sacred image or being, weaving feelings of love, compassion and gratitude into your thoughts. 
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      From Mayo Clinic

      Why Practice

      Benefits of Meditation

      The emotional benefits of meditation can include:

      • Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations
      • Building skills to manage your stress
      • Increasing self-awareness
      • Focusing on the present
      • Reducing negative emotions
      • Increasing imagination and creativity
      • Increasing patience and tolerance